Jennah Kahl, A Missionary

Bloomer and New Auburn United Methodist churches have partnered with Jennah to help support her missionary work around the world.


To donate to Jennah click the donate button below.  Once you are at the Overland Missions Donate page write in the donation memo FOR JENNAH KAHL, STAFF #3216.  This will ensure that your donation goes to Jennah and the projects that she is working on.

Jennah is a missionary from the Eau Claire area of Northern Wisconsin.  She was brought to be a missionary through a childhood in the church, and fell away from the Lord for 8 years. She came back when she was 22, through a series of spiritual events that proved to her that the devil is real, the Bible is true, and that God (Jesus) has greater things planned for our lives than what we could ever imagine.  She decided at that point to place her trust in Jesus and walk closely with Him.  The result of deciding to live out the great commission in the literal sense has brought her to Zambia, Guatemala, Italy, and Cambodia in the first 4 years of her faith-journey with Jesus, and has brought her into full-time ministry as an Expeditions Leader with Overland Missions.  She works to build connections, to promote connection and unity in the body of Christ, discipling new believers, and building teams of people to come with her to share the gospel in unreached people groups.  She is currently building four teams to go into Zambia and Cambodia in summer of 2020.

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September 2020 Update

Love and greetings to you from Zambia!!

I arrived here almost 1 month ago.  It has been a time wrestling through Covid and the changes that it brought to the original plans of going to Cambodia and Zambia.  Our organization conceded to just bringing me to Zambia for two months this year.  I have been in the bush for one week, and we have seen God move in beautiful and powerful ways!  We spent 2 days driving in a large bumpy military truck to the Northwest Province in Zambia, from the Southwest Province.  We were received to the village by a group of singing and dancing ladies and we were able to show the Jesus Film to 100 people in town called Lukulu, and were able to share a message with them and 40 of them received Jesus!

We continued from Lukulu to Zambezi where we arrived at the Overland Missions Base that we have up there, next to the river.  We were able to visit the palace of the chief and queen of Zambezi province lives, and they received us with ladies dancing in front of our truck to welcome us.  Many pastors from the local area of different denominations were present at the gathering that had been called, as well as many people from villages surrounding the palace, where we were able to preach the Gospel and minister through prayer to the locals.  The chief made provision for the that the first of 3 days that we have official meetings for people to gather and hear the Gospel.

I thought that you would be encouraged as I am, that I met and made friends with Zembezi Methodist pastor and his wife while being here in Zambezi.  They also run a Methodist orphanage and will be the host church of our final revival meeting of the chief's organzization tomorrow!  Their pictures that we took together are attached to this email.

Later update from 9/28, a month after the rest of the email:

We had an amazing rest of the time in the bush ministering, there were over 140 people that came to salvation through our kingdom efforts to get the Gospel out to those who haven't heard of the love of Jesus and His life transforming power!  Can't wait to come back and share more in depth in person what the Lord did and how the Holy Spirit moved!

Love in Christ,

Jennah Kahl

Expeditions Leader

Overland Missions